Eggnog Cupcakes

This recipe was an amalgamation of a cake i found in a holiday baking mag and eggnong buttercream frosting i found online. As a lover of eggnog, this was a wonderful yummy treat

Christmas cookie extravaganza

For the last few years I have destroyed my small kitchen and baked loads of christmas cookies as gifts for friends and co-workers. Here are the ones from this year

Chocolate Crackles

Buttered Rum Meltaways

Finished gingerbread men

gingerbread Men Waiting to be baked, arent they cute

Chocolate Spritz Cookies

Peanut Brittle

Cream Cheese Spritz Cookies

Stout Cupcakes

This is another recipe from Martha Stewart cupcakes and it was a big hit with the men folk. Our friend Brian finished his masters and had a party at Gene's, a local german bar. So I brought these along.

Pilsbury cookie bake off entries #2,3 and 4

Here are my other creations for the monthly pillsbury bake off contest. The theme for december is cookies and bars. Here are my other 3 entries. I will know on December 23rd if any of them made it as a finalist. Cream Cheese Lemon Drop Cookies, Chocolate Lovers Peppermint Bark Bars and Toffe Truffle Balls.

Rich's Birthday cake

I made this for rich's birthday, it is a carmel apple layer cake. It went over really well. He is still amazed by these types of cakes... he only knew boxed cakes in cassorole dishes as a kid. It is my vow that my kids will never know what boxed cakes tast like

Flourless PB cookies

I found this recipe for Fourless PB cookies on another blog that i follow

It has since become one of mine and rich's favorite recipes... super easy, gluten free and yummy to boot

Pillsbury bake off cookie entry #1

another pillsbury bake off entry.. the month of december is cookies and bars... here is one of my entries

Swirly Peppermint cookies

Halloween Yummies

Here is some of the things that made my halloween party yummy.. cheese and olive eyeballs, spider pumpkin cupcakes, graveyard choco cupcakes, orange choco fudge

Fall pumpkin roll

Rich requested a pumpkin roll one day.. and so here it is, I got the recipe off the back of the libby's canned pumpkin.. i doubled it and used my sheet pan.. it turned out yummy

Pillsbury bake off entries

Pillsbury is having monthly bake-offs and octobers theme was pie. I entered 3 pies. Cranberry Lovers Pecan Struesel Pie, Cran-apple Pie pockets, Day after Thanksgiving Pie. I will know on the 21st if any have been accepted as fianalist

Petite Fours with M&Ms

Friends Matt and Mary were getting married so we threw them a party, I made these 4 layered petite fours. They are pound cake with raspberry filling and coated in chocolate with white chocolate drizzle and M&Ms (matt and mary) ... they were a huge hit!

Sweet Potato cinn swirl bunt

This southern creation is from the mind of the south's one and only Paula Deen and is one of my husbands favorite recipes

Grapefruit poppy seed loaf

This yummy creation is a racheal ray and is a wonderful summer loaf with grapefruit glaze

Healthy banana bread

This banana bread is made from bananas, applesauce, raisins, whole wheat flour.. no sugar, no butter.. all yummy healthy goodness

Chocolate Chip cupcakes

Always a favorite around my house, martha's chocolate chip cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting.

A southern treat

Blackberry cornmeal cupcakes. I didnt think I would be making these ones out of the martha book, but i had a request for them and they turned out wonderful, i loved them and so did all of the southerners at the party that I took them to. They went quickly

Peanut butter cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting

I love anything peanut butter and martha has out done herself on this one, they were wonderful!

Marble Cupcakes

These were a big hit at brian and megans going away party.. you two will be missed around here. They were lots of fun to make.
They were choco/ vanillia marble cake with dark chocolate frosting.

The first pic is before they were baked, the second pic is after baking and the third is the side view after baking, the fourth is the frosted finish!!

Triple Citrus Cupcakes

These were divine for summer, they contain lime, lemon and orange zest and were glazed with a lime powdered sugar glaze. They were delightful for my ladies book club and for Annies 35th birthday!

Beer Pretzels by Megan

Megan came over to help get ready for my birthday party and she brought over pretzel dough for us to bake. The dough was made with Guinness and made fabulous pretzels that were eaten quickly

vegan cupcakes

My brother -in-law and his girlfriend are traveling the US and stopped by to see us for a few days. She is a vegan and luckily martha had just the recipe... vegan chocolate cupcakes dusted with powdered sugar... they were a hit, even the non-vegans like them

Birthday cupcakes

These fabulous cupcakes i made for my 25th birthday along with the help of my friend Megan. They are yellow buttermilk cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, topped with some colored sprinkles to make them very festive. Everyone loved them

Banana Pecan cupcakes with Carmel buttercream

Another martha recipe and I have to say that it was wonderful. So moist and fluffy, the butter cream was hard to make for this one, i had to do it twice to get it right because you have to make carmel by hand... which is not easy for novices like me... but the result of my persistance was fantastic

Green Tomatoe pie

Well since i now live in the south i must embrace their way of life. I made a green tomatoe pie and it was actually a big hit. I know it sounds weird, but its kind of a mellow apple pie type taste. I got this recipe from the queen of the south Paula Deen

4th of July flag cake and pound cake

Every year i make a flag cake made out of pound cake, coolwhip and berries. This year i used a martha recipe for the pound cake and it was delicious. The cake was gone by the 5th of July. This was a bigger hit than the fireworks

Pan Dulce

I really was missing home this week and decided to make some mexican sweet bread. I found a recipe at and it turned out great. Nice warm homey thoughts of mexicans!!

Homemade Hostess cupcakes

Everyone loves those chocolate cupcakes with cream filling, and martha has a recipe for it in her cupcake book and i tried it. Well it was a big success and the marshmallow cream filling is to die for.

Carrot cake cupcakes

I have been buying 5 pound bags of carrots from costco because they are cheep and easy diet snacks, but i cant eat all 5 pounds before they go bad. So i decided to make carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. They were absolutly wonderful. Oh yes and that is my best friend in the background .. my kitchen aid stand mixer