Brown Sugar Pound cake

These were a yummy try from the Martha Stewart Cupcake book. They were so yummy... half were iced with milk glaze and half were iced with brown sugar cream cheese frosting. the glazed ones made wonderful strawberry short cakes for our anniversary.


Oreo Cheesecakes

When I got my new martha stewart cupcake book.. i couldnt put it down. Here is my first creation from the book. Oreo cheesecakes with an oreo crust... they were a smash hit

Pillsbury bake off

I entered in the Pillsbury bake off contest in April. The descisions of the finalist will be made in October 2009 then they fly you to Orlando to compete in April 2010. They pick out 100 finalist to compete in 5 categories. The winner of each category wins $5000. Then those winners are up for the grand prize of one million dollars. I entered in my original recipe of Chocolate Chip Cannoli Sandwitches.

Start Here

Just decided to start a blog today. I was sitting at my desk thinking how fun it would be to own a bakery and then started to name it. I decided that if I had a bakery I would call it "Baking Therapy" because that is what baking is to me... therapy that ends with yummy goodness. I then wanted to see if there were any bakeries named that... so i googled the name, and no.. there are no Baking Therapy bakeries... so please dont start one =).

I also think that since I am going to get my PhD and be a doctor before I own a bakery.. I can then have a sign saying "The Doctor Is In" as my open sign and it will be funny =)

Well I hope this blog will be fun for me and you...

Soon to come are pics and blogs of yummies