Bacon Party! with pirntables

Remember my bacon party idea board with Kevin Bacon invite??? Well here is what you have been waiting for.. Rich's Bacon Party, and I have even been so nice to include the printables I made so that you too can enjoy a bacon party all your own. So here are the Pics and links to the recipes I used.. and of course the bacon party printables... ENJOY, we sure did.

Lets first start with the cocktails.. of course we got the Bakon Vodka, we made bacon apple crisps with them.. it was good, but interesting.

Bacon Water.. ok, this was the only thing that did not have bacon in it.. but I had to put bacon on the label any way
 Bacon Pralines .. yum

Bacon jam.. this one was actually really good, we served it with cornbread muffins

Bacon Popcorn.. not the biggest hit... but i loved the display
 Backdrop!  I made pig baloons with pink balloons sharpie and pink napkins. The background is paper bags, the banners I made with red cardstock and using whiteout tape and sewing the pieces of "bacon" together.

Loved this sly pig

Bacon meatball sliders, were such a big hit!!!
 BLT cups.  No recipe for this.. I cut circles out of flour tortillas and baked them till crisp in a muffin pan, added BLT and bacon ranch to it.. it was a nice refresher to all of the heavy food

Bacon cheddar bread.. I doubled the recipe and used a bunt pan

Bacon Goat cheese pops... soooooo good
 Bacon wrapped potatoes
 Whole table!!
In the middle you can see the bacon maple doughnuts.. I dont know how I didnt end up with a close up of them.. but they were sooo sooo sooo good, they were definitely my favorite item of the party.

Printables can be downloaded from here. I printed everything on red cardstock. If you download them as a word document they are fully editable!
Keep Calm
Food labels
Water Bottle labels
Party Circles

Hope you enjoy your own bacon party!


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